X-Wing:Secondary Weapon Systems- Proton Torpedoes

X-Wing:Secondary Weapon Systems- Proton Torpedoes

Hi guys, i felt you all needed to see this, this is originally from Clint over at the the metal bikini.com so all credit goes to him for this!

Proton Torpeodes (4)
Attack Dice: 4
Range: 2-3
Card Text: Spend your Target Lock and discard this card to perform this attack. You may change one of your <eyeball> results to a <crit>.
Usage: Doesn’t dovetail quite as nicely with Focusing as Concussion Missiles, but the built-in, one-die Focus to get a crit is a nice touch especially since you don't always have the luxury of waiting around a for another turn to pick up a Focus token to use along with the (pre-existing) Target Lock.

There’s a lot of debate (mostly anecdotal evidence vs. statistical math) on whether or not PTs are worth it. Here’s my take- if you value having a 4-dice attack at Range 3 (again- that the victim does not receive an extra Defense die for), then you should take some PTs. If you don’t, then you probably don’t need to bother.

I think the main reason so many people disregard PTs is because so many people use X-Wings, and X-Wings can get a 4 attack dice attack just by getting into Range 1 (which happens a lot because TIE fighters like to get into close combat), so you kind of look at PTs and say, “Why would I pay 4 points for that (not to mention it's a one-shot deal)?” Couple on the fact that everyone takes Ion Cannon Turrets on their Y-Wings (effectively giving them an Attack 3*) and you see why PTs don’t get much love- there’s just not much use for them in the Wave 1 stuff. If FFG had made them a Missile rather than a Torpedo (the symbols, I’m talking about here), I think they’d see more use, but as it is, contextually they don’t provide enough of a benefit for the points cost.

TL;DR- they aren't a bad card, but the only ships that can take them right now don't really need them.

That said, there is one pilot that I think not only do you always give PTs, but maybe the double load accessible only by a Y-Wing- Horton Salm. Salm has a special ability that dovetails so nicely with PTs, it’d be unfair if it wasn't so expensive. For the particulars on that, check out the article on Horton Salm.

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