Legio Spectra, AKA Rainbow Warriors project.

 Hi all, some of you may remember my short lived raven guard project, or even my short lived carcharodon project.

Although i liked these chapters, the paint schemes were perhaps a little boring?

Anyway this new project should rectify that!

Remember that old chapter the Rainbow warriors? yes? Good!

Well im going to "reimagine" those guys.

Inspiration came from this old transformer i had in the loft i found yesterday while having a sort out.

Anyway, the Rainbow warriors were originally Dark blue with rainbow stripes on their heads! like so!

Which is ok i reckon, however some people paint their rainbow warriors in this IMO Horrid "Aztec" theme. and as themes go, i reckon its pants!

Sorry if i offended any aztec RB warriors fans...

Anyway, so im gonna take the original art piece and add a little spice to it with inspiration from that decepticon car!

More to follow. 

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