Top 5 Space marine Artwork 2012

My top 5 pieces of Space Marine Artwork!

Ok at number 5 its this awesome picture of an ultramarines space marine from the 6th edition Warhammer 40000 main rulebook.

At number 4 its this AMAZING picture of a Chaos Space marine, i'm not sure where its from!

At number 3, a little different than the others its this "Collage" piece, the look of all those chapters together amuses me no end. i wonder if theyre all getting along? :D

At number 2 on the list, its this AWESOME picture of a crimson fists space marine, i think it was from a white dwarf? or was it the 3rd edition space marine codex? i forget!

And piece number one on the list is this INCREDIBLE picture of Blood angels space marines battling against chaos daemons! Wowsers!
(i think this is from the current blood angels codex)

 More top 5's to come soon!

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