Evolution Of A Painting Workstation.

Evolution of a Painting Workstation

Hi people, here is an interesting little article for you i just cooked up,its a chronological view of my painting stations over the years. We can see just how far i have come on since my return to the hobby back in around 2007.

2007 Where it Began

What a mess!
Here we can see the first work station, (I'm so glad i kept all these pictures now!) and i look back at that and wonder how i ever managed to produce anything on it.
In the picture we have the computer taking up most of the space, especially that CRT dual monitor. Also there is a HIFI underneath, a random 3d puzzleball maze game, a trophy that im not sure what i got that one for... a Scalextric car, Oh and a Hoover...

Messy indeed! One thing to note is i do still have that lamp even though i am on my second of the same model due to the original one blowing up randomly. Maybe thats a reason not to buy the same lamp again? Oh well!

2008, The Second Station.

Wow this one looks a LOT more tidy, thats a good thing. However i can see all i used was a few tools and plain old Gw paints. Very basic indeed! In the bottom right corner you can see my first attempts at green stuff molding, I still havnt tried it since!
I do however think the teddy bear carpet (it was a kids bedroom before we moved in) is rather awesome...

After i lived in this house for around a year, i moved yet again,

2009: Moving house.

Here we have a shot of when i moved house, look! theres a little draw system for Bitz and everything. If I remember correctly this space got VERY cramped VERY quickly. You can see the lamp still in the shot, this is just before it blew up I believe. These were the days i produced things like the Tyranid Warriors and my Imperial Fist Landspeeders.
After that, i Moved yet again!

2010 The Current Set-up.

This picture was taken only recently so theres a couple of years worth of accumulation in there.. We can see the lamp that got replaced, a DIY paint rack, 3 boxes of paints stacked up, (I'm moving on to Valejjo now as my GW's run out) tubs of tools and glues and boxes underneath full of scenery ETC. The weird thing is, although i have produced better and more high quality work at this station, everything always seems to take a lot longer to get round to! So far my favorite piece i have produced here is my Rainbow Warriors/Legio Spectra Captain Lysander.

Anyway, thats it for my Workstations. Hopefully i wont have to change again soon!

What are your workstations like? do you like your set ups?

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