Unboxing: X-Wing, Y-Wing expansion pack.

Unboxing: Y-Wing expansion Pack.

Hi all, today i am showing the exciting unboxing of the Y-Wing expansion pack for the FFG game, X-Wing.
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On to the Unboxing!.

 Here is the pack itself as you would buy your Y-Wing expansion in the shop, or if you were so inclined, through the mail as you ordered it online. This one, i bought from Langleys of Norwich. An awesonme little treasure trove of goodies. So lets open it up and see what you get inside your Y-Wing expansion pack.

Heres the contents of the Y-Wing expansion pack. You can see you get the Y-wing itself in its clamshell pack, a bag of push out tokens and cards, and of course the Y-Wing reference sheet. Lets have a look at the ship itself.

Heres the Y-Wing itself, theres another picture at the top of the page, just to give you an idea of the size. Yet again for its size the Y-Wing is lovely, this time mine has a little bit of a wonky engine section but i'm not too fussed about that. Theres also the plastic stand and the parts to help make the Y-Wing maneuver dial fit together. Lets have a look and see whats in the bag of goodies.

Here we can see the two sheets of push out tokens for the Y-Wing. these sheets contain the Y-Wing maneuver dial parts, ship number tokens and Shield tokens along with the Ion cannon token (among other bits and bobs) Next up the Ion cannon itself!

Heres thye Ion cannon upgrade card. its a hefty amount at 5 points. it has a 360 degree arc and 3 attack die. However the card says the enemy ship can only take one damage regardless but is then subject to the ion cannon rule from the token, which is here:

Heres the Ion cannon token and reference card. We can see the enemy ship cant choose any maneuver apart from 1 straight forward. perfect for making the enemy ship crash! After using this gun a few times, i think its more gimmicky than usefull, id rather cause more damage that prevent the enemy ship moving. I feel 5 points is a little steep for this.

 Up next are the extra pilot cards. theres 4 different pilots available for the Y-wing, both rookies all the way up to Horton Salm. (did Horton hear a who?) There are also the usual upgrade cards, alongside the alreasdy shown, Ion Cannon.

 Here they are, theres some R2 units, the Ion cannon card and proton torpedoes. These things are the same as the Torps from the X-Wing set and base game set so those are not so interesting.

 Here they are, the proton torpedoes i dont think i've EVER used in games!

And Lastly, the R2 units.

 I love the R2 units. they add some nice character to your ships and if you have points spare are handy to fill you up.

One makes all 1 and 2 speed maneuvers green, the other discards hull damage. Handy!

Thats it for the Y-Wing unboxing. I hope you found it usefull. Ive a TIE fighter unboxing to do soon, and in a week or so, the Wave 2 ships are released! Exciting times!

Do you own a Y-Wing? Whats your favorite ship?

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