Unboxing: Talisman, The Blood Moon Expansion.

Talisman, The Blood Moon Expansion.

 Hey guys, heres yet another Talisman Expansion unboxing for you. This one is called "The Blood Moon"
As always with Fantasy Flight Games, this box has amazing artwork. Take a look for yourselves.

In the box we have the usual nice amount of contents. We can see what you get in the Talisman The Blood Moon here:

As you can see theres a lot in there again! Theres the obvious instruction sheet, extra cards, alternative ending cards, character cards and models, and the FFG catalogue. ( i have hundred of these things now!)
Lets start by looking at the extra cards you get in the set.

In this set we have 4 sets of extra cards, Theres the extra adventure cards which are always good to add more variation to the main game, Theres extra spell cards, as with the adventure cards these add a lot more variation to the game. Some lycanthrope cards, these signify whether or not your character has been turned into a "lycanthrope" and a single Night and day card. This card is interesting as depending on whether or not its night or day, affects various things such as enemy strength etc.
Next up, the alternative ending cards.

 The three alternative endings in this box are: The blood moon werewolf, The horrible void (This ones nasty, as if you think you have won the game, you are actually instakilled!) and Lightbearers. These can add a different twist on the game, but i still prefer to play with the "dragon king card" from the dragon expansion.

Now its on to the meat of the expansion, The extra characters!

First up we have the Werewolf himself. This guy is another NPC in that hes activated much like the reaper from the reaper expansion. If he lands on you then you suffer the effects of him down to a dice roll... The model for this is nice and i notice its multipart and preassembled with a kind of glue! i wonder what it is!

Next up is the Graverobber. this guys very interesting due to his special ability to "rob" cards out of the discard pile. As per usual the art and sculpt are both very good.

Here we see the Vampire hunter. This lady appears very victorian, ive not had a chance to look at her card yet but again, good art and sculpting.

Heres the last character from the set, and in my opinion, the most uninspiring, the Doomsayer. I just dont really like the artwork or the concept of this guy, he reminds me of a mad max 3 character reject!

Anyway, thats it for the Talisman The Blood Moon unboxing. i hope its helpful to you!

Do you own Talisman yet? What do you think of it?

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