Showcase: Imperial Fists Space Marine Whirlwinds.

Imperial Fists Space Marines Whirlwinds.

Hi guys, yet another "retro" showcase for you this evening, these are my old and long lost (i believe i sold them a good few years back) imperial fists space marine whirlwinds.

I'm almost ashamed to show these as i'm pretty sure they were my first attempts at painting imperial fists tanks and it shows! Theres loads of area i missed when painting these guys, look at all those unpainted white patches! Very naughty! Luckily this is the last of the retro showcases and everything after these is a little more current.

I used a lot of Forge World parts on these Imperial Fists Space Marine Whirlwinds, notably Imperial Fists doors, Imperial Fists front plates and Imperial Eagle front plates and hatches, oh and i also used some Imperial Eagle rear hatches, overall these guys cost quite a lot of money! not a good idea for a first go at painting tanks! as per usual i decided to paint three, and im pretty sure i painted these one at a time rather than factory line like i did the Imperial Fists Vindicators i showed you yesterday.

Of all the Imperial Fists things I sold over the years, I think these are the ones i miss the least. That dodgy painting quality would be haunting me to this day, to be honest i would probably have stripped or just painted over them.

What were your first tanks like? did you keep them?

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