Showcase: X-Wing Asteroids Terrain.

X-Wing Asteroids.

 Hi guys, as you may already know, a few days ago i completed a quick board for playing X-Wing games on, which you can see HERE.
Due to it being completely barren, and not being a fan of the 2d punch out token terrain from the boxed set, i thought i should knock some terrain up quickly myself. I decided, amongst other things (which i will reveal later) that i wanted asteroids, so i had to come up with a way to make some.
Luckily while wandering around in hobbycraft as per usual, i found some polystyrene balls which fit the bill.
Anyway, here are the results of a couple of days work, i will follow this up with a tutorial on how i made them in the next few days!

Asteroid 1
Asteroid 2

Asteroid 3
Asteroid 4

Last night we managed to use the asteroids at the local club during a couple of games of X-Wing.

Swarm of TIE fighters incoming!
 This was the first game, I played Rebels (my personal favorite) and Will played Imperials. It was a close game and i thought the imperials had won. the rebels were down to Luke who managed to finish off the remaining Ties and secure victory!

This was the second game we played, this time i played imperials and Will was Reb's. sadly we didnt have time to finish this game but it looked like the rebels were going to pull off a win, due to the imps being down to only darth vader rather quickly. Damn those fragile TIE fighters!

Have you played X-wing yet? if not, WHY NOT?!

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