Top 5: Space Marines Elite Sculpts.

Top 5 Space Marine Elites.

Hi guys, its time for another top 5 rundown, I myself am a big fan of these Top 5's and it appears you lot are also!

Today its my top 5 Space Marine Elite choices. Please bear in mind, these are not my top 5 to use in game, just my favorite units to look at!

Ok lets begin,

#5 The Legion of the Damned.

These guys have been around for ages, and been in the books for as long as i can remember, Theres something awesome about that black, fire and bone combination. I really want to do an army of these guys someday!

#4 Space Marines Stern Guard Veterans.

The Space Marines Sternguard veterans are pure awesome. I think its something about those combi bolters. Very utilitarian! This is also another unit i need to buy more of, even if it is only to convert the models into normal tactical marines!

 #3 Space Marine Tactical Terminators.

 Wow, terminators. I'm still on the fence as to which "pattern" of terminator armour i prefer, The classic look here, or one of the two new Forge world variations. i will let you guys know when i make up my mind!

#2 Space marine Assault Terminators.

At a close second its the space marine close combat assault terminators, I love the way these guys are deckd out in gear ready to give someone a pasting close up. i also love the weapons these guys have, hammers, shields and lightning claws. Amazing stuff!

And finally onto my favorite Space Marine Elite Choice....

#1 The Space Marine Dreadnought.

How, may i ask, can you beat a walking tank? Dreadnoughts have been one of the most awesome an diconic units in the game, even in Rogue trader times. Although the sculpts back then did look a little silly, even if they did inspire the current forge world contemptor kits!

So there you have it, My Top 5 space marine elite choices.

Do you agree or disagree? What would you have picked?

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