Showcase: Space Marine Imperial Fist Vindicators.

Imperial Fist Vindicators.

 Hi people, Today i am showing you some old Space Marines Imperial Fist Vindicators, I think I painted These Vindicators way back in 2007, just before i Moved House.

Of all the plastic Space Marine Tanks that Games Workshop produce, Aside from the Land Raider, The Space Marine Vindicator has always been my favorite. The Combination of that huge gun, the massive shield on the front and the squat nature of the Space Marine Rhino itself combine to make a lovely looking model.

I'm not sure why i decided to buy 3 Space Marine Vindicators let alone paint them! But those were the days where i would buy 3 of everything. Weird.

These were also part of my Space Marines Imperial Fists army, and possibly these Space Marine Vindicators were my favorite unit in the whle army itself.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy seeing these old models i painted. sadly this was me painting before the days of "weathering" so they look quite clean compared to currently produced Vindicators by various painters!.

Do you own Space Marine vindicators? Why did you buy them?

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