Unboxing: Millenium Falcon, Revell Mini Kit.

Millenium Falcon, Revell Mini kit.

Hi guys, as part of my ongoing X-wing project, i wanted some destroyed ships as scenery, luckily i didnt have to pay for a proper FFG millenium falcon just to wreck one! As well all know the X-wng scale is 1-250, Heres the FFG model.

X-Wing Millenium Falcon.
Now, although one of those beasts is on my list, i still want to wreck one, so here is where this new kit comes in. The scale of this Revell kit is something like 1-243 so that is REALLY close to the FFG scale and thus perfect for wrecking!

Millenium Falcon and Macdonalds.

The FFG millenium falcon is probably going to cost around 20-25 english pounds when released, so wrecking one of those isnt an option. This Millenium falcon on the other hand, is only £7 a bargain! even had enough for a milkshake and a cheeseburger! Yum!

Millenium Falcon in packaging.

Here you can see the box itself inside its packaging. it comes in a nice foil wrapped box.

Contents of Millenium Falcon box.

Upon opening the packaging, you come up with these, a bag containing sprues, and an instruction sheet.

Millenium Faclon Sprues.

And heres the contents of the sprue bag for the millenium falcon. You can almost see Han and chewie in the cockpit, tiny!

I look forward to getting this built and wrecked! Keep an eye out for more posts on this soon!

Have you built any scenery for X-Wing yet?

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