Unboxing: Talisman, The Sacred Pool Expansion.

Talisman, The Sacred Pool Unboxing.

Hi guys, heres the first "proper" post of february 2013. Its time for another Talisman Unboxing.This time its the Expansion known as "The Sacred Pool", and not the Scared pool as some people mistakenly put it down as!

Talisman, The Sacred Pool.

Anyway, heres a couple of shots of the as ever, gorgeous box art. I always like the feel of quality in FFG boxes, and this one is no different.
Talisman, The Sacred Pool.
So after opening the box, we can see all the contents,

Contents of Talisman, The Sacred Pool

In this set we have the usual extra rules leaflet, 5 packs of extra cards, 3 alternative endings, 4 new characters and of course, a FFG catalogue!

New Card Deck Expansions.

 First up the cards, we get a few more adventure cards (I have hundreds of these now) The more adventure cards you have the more varied a game you will have so these are always welcome. More spell cards, as wiuth the adventure cards, these add more variation to the main game. Some alignment cards now including neutral alignment. (This expansion deals with alignments within the game and gives extra cards and events to go with it) A deck of stable cards, these comprise of your Warhorses, muels and Riding horses Etc. And some quest reward cards. these are optional instead of recieving Talismans from the warlocks quests. As per usual the quality of the artwork on these cards is OUTSTANDING.

Next up the new alternative ending cards,

New alternative Endings.

In this set we get the following new endings, Judgement day, The Demon Lord, and the titular, Sacred pool.
In the game you can pick one to play with, or just do random select, which makes things rather interesting indeed!

Next up the new characters.

The Cleric
First up is the Cleric, They have gone with a female cleric which is interesting as they are normally men IIRC in this type of setting. The artwork and character sculpt are both very good.

The Magus

Next up is the Magus, Wow, this guys is VERY interesting. a real change from most of the characters and he is sitting in a chair! He reminds me a bit of Xerxes from 300!

The Chivalric Knight

 Here we see the Chivalric knight, one of a few mounted characters in the game. Most people are quite pleased when they draw a mounted character. A free horse!

The Dread Knight.

Lastly we have the Dread Knight, Hes a lot like the Chivalric Knight, but this guy is the EVIL version.

Some people playing Talisman.
Thats it for the Sacred pool, Theres a new Expansion out in the last week or so, i might have to aquire that also so keep an eye out for it on here!

 Have you played Talisman? Whats your Favorite Expansion?

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