One Month Old, A Look Back Over January.

A look back over January.

Wow guys, it's been a month already! Although I opened the blog just before the end of the year, I didn't publish anything until around January so I consider the 1st of January our birthday.

Already the blog has seen a lot of activity and it  is surpassing my expectations by FAR.
Our monthly views for january were astonishing, we had over 77000 hits which is around 1000 times more than i anticipated so a big THANKS goes out to evertyone that visited or commented or joined the Scifiwargamers newtwork so far. Keep coming back as things should only get better!

So literally last night i got SciFiWargamers  blog up on Technorati which was no easy feat i tell you!
We have a few ratings now on the site which i shall endeavor to improve upon!
Our general rating is currently: 81352 which out of over 1.3 million is a lot better than i expected!
Entertainment was: 16885
Gaming was a staggering 1146! which is incredible!
And finally our celeb rating was a bizarre 2451...

I hope to BEAT these scores on a month by month basis! With your help it should happen.

So far there are 134 posts on the blog, we have hot and run past the 100 post milestone a few days ago, i am hoping to keep plugging away bringing you interesting posts over the coming months. I'm also attempting to get more interesting guest articles posted up to provide a little more variation to the site, rather than just me raving on all the time!

Blog list:
As of february the 1st, we have  33 blogs on the blog roll which for one month is rather good, thats over one sign up per day on average! I'm hoping to acheieve at least ten times this and to entice people i will be running Blog roll lotteries in the near future!

Top posts in the last month:
So what has been popular in janruary then?
Well, our two posts so far on the Golden demon entries of 1988 have been very popular, so we will try to bring you more of those! ONE HERE  HERES THE OTHER.

Also two of our showcases have been very popular, both the Carcharodons space marine tactical squad sergeant. and the Imperial fist scouts with sniper rifles. have done EXTREMELY well, why they are moer popular than the other showcases i do not know! please let me know! Also our Underused Space Marines Units Tactica has done very well, that was written by Explosivo111 over at Dakka Dakka so all kudos has to go to him!

Another interestingly popular post has to be the Top 5 pieces of space marine artwork 2012 do people like 40k artwork? it seems they do! Why is this?

Lastly who can forget our 3 favorite fantasy celebrity wargamers,

Kim Kardashian, 

Kim Kardashian, popular with wargamers.

Selena Gomez,

Selena Gomez, better than Justin Bieber.

And Fiona Erdmann.

Fiona Erdmann, Famous for what exactly?

I'm not going to go into details but it would appear you guys are very fond of these three women, perhaps i can try to get them to do some guest posts! or we could adopt them as unofficial mascots! Who knows!

Going forward: i aim to better all the above points, by giving you guys more of ewhat you want. If theres something you feel we are not covering, Please Let us know! and we will do all we can to add what you think is missing.

In the next month or two, i aim to introduce some competitions which require MINIMAL effort from the entrants! these will take the form of blog roll lotteries, where everyone who is on the blog roll and active within the last 4 weeks will have a chance of winning a prize! There will also be a few Facebook run competitions as we intent to increase our presence on there.

Anyway, thanks for visiting and we hope to see you again soon!

As always thank you very much for visiting the site----------if you have any questions or comments please feel free to share them!----------You can help us out by joining us on facebook here: or Following us on twitter Here: @Marsekay-------If youre feeling VERY generous,by using the donate button or finally just browsing the site! ----------Thanks for visiting from the SciFiWargamers team.

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