Golden Demon 1988: Dragon Category.

Golden Demon 1988: Dragon Category.

Hi guys, so we know we are all fans of seeing all the retro Golden demon goodness, click HERE to see our previous rundown on the "Single miniatures conversion category" and HERE to see our post on "Scratch built and converted vehicles category"

Well today its the "Dragon" category. Awesome. I love dragons and who wouldnt? Epic flying lizards breathing fire and roasting neer do wells to a cinder!

Anyway lets get on with the rundown.

#3 Graham Apperley's Dragon with Elf rider.

Inspiring Posing.

This things amazing, and look at its pose, it looks a LOT like the current high elf dragon kit the way its perched on that rock!

Pose inspired by bronze dragon category 1988 winner.

Hang on a minute, look at the lance, look at the shield... Its the EXACT same pose! Wow Games workshop we know where you get your ideas! i hope yoiu credited Graham Apperley for that one!

#2 Brian Moores "Dwarf Killer"

Whats all that dead stuff on the base?

Well i say "Dwarf Killer" as i think thats what the dead guys are on the base, but i could be wrong. In my opinion, this dragon is not as good as Grahams above in third place, but you know how the GW judges are!
I like the Flame effect coming from the mouth, and has it been "speared"? i think it has. Interesting.

#1 David Chauvels "Plague Dragon"

The clear winner.

Now, before i go and look at GW's website, i am wondering has this one inspired the current kit like the dragon in third position? Lets go and have a look.

Plaguerism? i dont think so.

Ummm, well its kinda close, but i think thats more down to the subject matter itself rather than exact pose. I have to say, i do like the "eccentric" basing of the 80's era painters. everything is very high fantasy indeed!
I think i would agree this is the best, followed by Grahams elf dragon in second, and lastly the Brians Dwarf killer.

Do you agree with the placings? how would you place them?

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