Valentines Day.

 Its valentines day..

Today i gave a friend a picture i painted to give to his partner for valentines day, i used my usual methods to do it. Let me know what you think!

A painting i did for a friend.

Also last night( or was it the night before?) i had a game of X-Wing against my good friend, James. I played rebels and he played imperials. I used Luke, Wedge and Horton salm (who is affectionately called Horton Salami, or Horton hears a who?) James used Vader amongst other assorted TIE pilots. I think he had 5 ties in total.

X-wing game in progress. Notice all my terrain from the last few weeks!

Anyway, i managed to scrape a win losing only wedge during the game, I really cant recommend the R5 unit that regains hull damage on y wings. Awesome.

Vader crashes into an asteroid. Repeatedly.

Another thing the Y wing managed to do was (and i think it won the game) managed to Ion cannon Vaders ship into hitting an asteroid, then Ion cannoning him a second time for him to crash into the same asteroid again! Fun times!

Have you played X-Wing yet? If not, Why not?

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