Fantasy Celebrity Wargamers: Fiona Erdmann.

Hi all, in another exciting edition of "Fantasy Celebrity Wargamers" we are going to pick Fiona Erdmann

"Who the hell is she?" you may ask, and i would join you in asking such a question.
Well apparently shes a German TV celebrity, although i use the term "Celebrity" lightly!

Heres her wikipedia bio:
Fiona Erdmann
Fiona Erdmann is a German model and reality television contestant. She finished in fourth place on the second cycle of Germany's Next Topmodel. She was studying design and product design prior to being cast on the program.

So on that note heres her fantasy wargamer bio.

What system does Fiona Erdmann play?:
 Fiona plays Rogue Trader the RPG

What Character does Fiona play?
 Fiona plays a mindless servitor as its all she can manage, the other characters are far too hard for her to play as.

 How did get Fiona get into Rogue Trader?
Fiona got into Rogue Trader by being asked by her previous boyriends

What other systems or armies would Fiona like to collect in the future?
Fiona really wants to try out Talisman by Fantasy Flight Games as shes heard its rather good! (and it is!)

Thats it from Fiona Erdmann

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