Fantasy Celebrity Wargamers: Lady GaGa

Fantasy Celebrity Wargamers: Lady Gaga

Fantasy Celebrity Wargamers:

Hi all, in another exciting edition of "Fantasy Celebrity Wargamers" we are going to pick Lady Gaga

"Who the hell is she?" you may ask, and i would join you in asking such a question, from what i gather she is the worlds most famous Madonna Tribute act.

So on that note here is her fantasy wargamer bio.

What system does  Lady Gaga play?:
 Lady Gaga plays Warhammer 40k

What army does Lady Gaga play?
 Lady Gaga plays Chaos deamons! Especially the Slaanesh aspect!

How did Lady Gaga get into Warhammer 40k?
Lady Gaga got into by warha,mmer 40k by watching some odd videos in her past, then she thought she saw models of them in a Games Workshop store. from that moment, she was hooked!

What other systems or armies would  Lady Gaga like to collect in the future?
Lady Gaga really wants to keep collecting Slaanesh Chaos Daemons until she has all the creatures of her dreams!

Thats it from Lady Gaga!

If there are any more Celebrities you would like to see in this section then let me know and i will give them a Fantasy Wargaming Bio!

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