Tutorial: How to Clean Forge World Resin Parts

 Well today i thought i would tackle a simple, yet often asked question.
Forge World Cleaning Station: ASSEMBLE!

How do you clean Forge World resin parts?

 First off i thought i would say WHY we clean our Forge World Resin parts. (and probably other companies parts also if you re thorough)

The reason is, during the molding process the company needs some type of chemical/product that is applied to the mold to aid release of the part when it is cured (dried/gone hard etc)

This "stuff" is called mold release, and it comes in MANY different forms. 

The reason you want to clean it off is obvious, if this stuff prevents the part sticking to the mold, its going to prevent paint etc sticking to the part.

So we wash it off.

All we need is a tub, some warm water, and some degreaser (i use fairy liquid!)

My source of hot water: a Kettle

Worlds best degreaser: Fairy Liquid
Then all you do is fill a tub with warm (not hot or it might warp the parts, but thats for another day) water with some fairy liquid in.

Soaking in the tub

Then chuck your parts in, leave em to soak for a little while, give em a rub, i use a small old toothbrush for this) then rinse and repeat!

I like to do the toothbrush scrub rub at least twice.

then all you do is leave them to dry and jobs a "good un"!

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