My Top 5 New Dark Angels Models

My top 5 New Dark Angels Models

Hi guys, I thought i would post my views on the new Dark Angels Models From Games Workshop.

I have to admit, when i first saw all of then, i was really underwhelmed, especially that Land speeder Vengeance, However, Now ive gotten used to the sight of them, my opinions have changed!

So on with the top 5

 5: The Land Speeder Vengeance
Land Speeder Vengeance, Hated by many

I have to admit, upon first sight of this i was like "What the hell is that monstrosity" but now now the Land Speeder Vengeance has begun to grow on me. Why this is i do not know? Perhaps its the shrouding effect working on me!

4: The Deathwing Knights.

Deathwing Knights, Oversized clothing
Although i think these guys look a little silly with their Hoods hanging over their eyes (how do they see?) i do indeed like the models, The Deathwing Knights appeal to me because of those shields! they look amazing and could probably be converted easily enough for a different chapter. The maces on the other hand, i can give or take.

3: The Dark Talon.

Dark talon, a poorly converted Nephilim fighter
The Dark Talon is almost like the Nephilim fighter but not quite, its almost like its ugly little sister. i like the general look of it, but not so much the detailing. It still looks a hundred times better than the storm talon! (What were they thinking?)

2: The Deathwing Command Squad.

Best Terminators since the Space Hulk Blood Angels.
The Deathwing Command Squad is pure awesome, although the GW guys have assembled these in odd poses again (Whats with the awkward dynamics?) they still look good. nice plain terminators with a little added bling for taste.
 The Captain guy and the Halberd wielding Terminator are pure win.

1: The Nephilim fighter.
Nephilim fighter: Awesome

The Nephilim fighter is the best. Why? its like i really wanted to like the storm talon but couldnt. this was like a dream come true (or something not so soft) The added wing effect on the upper surfaces of the wings also make it stand out to me. i look forward to seeing some painted in a colour that isnt black!

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