Hi all, i thought i would do a little top 5 on my favorite Forge world sculpts.

5: The Tarantula heavy weapons platform

Not quite sure why i place this so high, maybe its becuase i have a soft spot for sentry guns! something to do with Aliens maybe?

4: The Deimos pattern Predator

I'm a fan of this one as its a remake of the first Space marine tank i ever bought, the old RT era predator. i suppose we could roll the Deimos Rhino in with this also.

3: The Proteus land raider

I dont know where to start with this, i wanted one for YEARS then when i could afford it as a kid, it went out of circulation! then reappeared years later as the current kit! luckily a couple of years ago i got one mint on sprues in the box off of Ebay, but now i just want the Forge World version!

2: The Fellblade.

I love my tanks, and i like even bigger tanks. i like the more "clean" look to this over the plastic baneblade. a good sculpt indeed, even if some do say it looks like a dalek on tracks!

1: The Thunderhawk Gunship.

Yeah you sure this one coming right? it really is all kinds of awesome, i would be saving up for it if i wasnt saving up for the forthcoming Stormbird.... hoping to see a glimpse of it at the forge world open day 2013!

What do you guys think? what are your favorites?

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