X-Wing Miniatures Game: X-Wing Expansion Unboxing

X-Wing Unboxing

Hi guys, today i thought i would show you the unboxing of the X-Wing Expansion  From the Awesome X-Wing Miniatures Game from FFG.

X-Wing in Packaging
 Heres the original packaging in all its awesome Star Wars glory. lets open it up and see what we can find!
Contents of the X-Wing Package
Here we can see the entire contents of the box, theres more than you think you would get in a box this size! Congrats FFG.
X-Wing miniature
 Heres The X-wing herself, able to be used as a multitude of different pilots, Luke Skywalker perhaps or the much more awesome Wedge Antilles..
It comes in a nifty 2 part box thats a good snug fit, this means i can carry it around in it without having to worry about damaging it. also in the pic (but hard to see) Is the plastic flying stand, and flying pegs.

Lots of tokens!
 In this picture we can see the two sheets of push out tokens, these tokens represent the manouvre dial (the circular one) some ID numbers for your ships, a focus marker, a stress marker, a critical hit marker, some Deflector Shield counters and of course the pilot cards for the flying stands, quite a bit really.

Oh and i forgot theres Target Lock tokens in there as well!

Lots of Cards.

Also in the box is a load of cards to add to your originals from the base game. theres a couple of duplicates but most of them are unique to this set.
You get two astromech droid cards. (i bet neither are as good as the awesome R2 D2 card from the base game!) 2 pilot skill/medal cards, a missile card and 4 pilot cards.

Medal cards    

Here we can see the two medal cards, one is the marksmanship card which allows you to hit a lot more than usual! and one is the expert handling card which allows you to do barrel rolls! Barrel rolling X-wings FTW!

R5 Astromech Droid Upgrade Cards

 Next up are the two Astromech droid upgrade cards. one is your Generic R5 unit, which baically makes you have a little less critical damage, and the other is a unique R5 unit, R5-K6 (who was he in the movies?) who allows you to regain target locks after using them, which could be handy!

Last of the upgrade cards is the "Proton Torpedoes" card. this one is a duplicate from the main game card set. it basically allows you do perform more damage for one attack if you have a target lock.

 Now we get to the more fun stuff, here are two of the pilot cards, and these ones are named. first off we have Garven Dries, hes pretty good as he doesnt "spend" his tokens in the usual way, in that instead of discarding them after use you get to give them to another of your pilots after use. awesome.
The other unique pilot is Wedge Antilles! (its worth buying the set for this card alone!) Wedge Antilles is awesome just for being Wedge. This guys ability allows you to remove evade dice from your opponent. awesome.

 Last up are the other two pilot cards, the generic Red Squadron Pilot and a Rookie pilot. These guys are cheap costed pilots and are also duplicate cards from the base game.

so there you have it! thats what you get in the set! Have you bought this game yet? what are your views on it?

I have a TIE advanced to go through later so keep your eyes peeled for that!

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