SciFiWargaming, My Week and I. Episode: 1

Scifiwargaming, My week and I.

Episode: 1

 all i managed to do was a little more on my lysander model, as i paint in the conservatory its damn cold this time of year and the washes take forever and a year to dry, so theres not a lot of prgress to show there,

Usual club night, managed to get in a few rounds of space hulk against Si (he might know who he is!) as usual he wiped the floor with me, i think i only managed to win one game out of the 4! Theres rumours of a babab war campaign or something similair brewing at the club, it will be interesting to see how that goes.

Well all I managed to do was finally finish that Lysander model!

Next up will be a forge world air defence platform

All I did was tidy some blog stuff up then played a load of rocksmith! If you play guitar I really reccomend it for fun!

Well friday was quite exciting, i felt super tired all day, (maybe due to the end of a full week of work for the first time this year and then the other half had her family over for tea and a game of Talisman! its super fun and i highly reccomend it!

Saturday was awesome! started out by going into town to find a hidden copy of X-wing by FFG and i was lucky enough to find one! ended up playing this from about 8:30pm till 1 in the morning! much fun was had by everyone! i REALLY recommend this game, its amazing! all i want now is the Millenium falcon expansion and a load more ships!

  Typical lazy sunday for us here at home although in the evening we saw the most Excellent Ripper street thats showing on BBC 1 at the moment. its about police in london following in the wake of Jack tghe Ripper and his antics. (hence the name) If you havnt seen it yet you REALLY must, catch it on the Iplayer or something and i am sure you wont regret it!

See you next week!

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