X-Wing Hoth Themed Board WIP Update

Hoth Battle Board for X-Wing Update

Hi guys, this evening after watching a recording of the most Excellent Ripper street from BBC 1 (If you have not yet seen it you really must!) i thought i would share in my Hoth themed DIY project update.

The Imperial AT-AT Walkers at the Battle of Ho...
The Imperial AT-AT Walkers at the Battle of Hoth were created using go motion photography. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

This evening consisted of putting the first layer of "Snow" on the board. This "Snow" is woodland scenics "Soft Flake snow" or something like that..

The first job consisted of finding the things i would need to accomplish said project, The boards, a pump spray bottle, some PVA glue and of course the Snow itself.

Then after deciding i did not want to glue Snow to the table top, i put a waterproof protective covering down, or what i like to call, "opened up bin liner."

Then using my Alchemical wizardry, i concocted an amazing mixture, PVA mixed with water, to be later sprayed onto the boards.

The boards were then sprayed with the secret PVA and water mix

Then the snow was sprinkled on, much like putting salt on your chips. (Actually if you put this much salt on your chips you would probably suffer a heart attack or two!)

 The boards were then spread around the room on whatever was to hand (Chairs in this case) for them to dry.

 After realising it was going to take ages to dry, and needing the chairs to sit on, the boards were moved to a new location.

Next up, another layer of snow!

How are your X-wing boards coming along? Have you made one yet?

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