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Blog 1 – An Introduction

Greetings Sci-fi wargamers, Explosivo111 here with the first of what hopefully will be many tactica blogs. This time I’m just going to introduce myself explain what I do with respect to wargaming and hopefully provide a useful outline of what you can expect from this blog during future posts.

Tactica for miniature wargaming is a completely exhausted niche on the internet nowadays, especially so with 40k. As such I made the decision to look at this blog from a slightly different angle than the usual tactica information available on the World Wide Web.

I have been playing 40k for about 7 years now and mainly play vanilla space marines and tyranids but regularly play with or against most the armies available in 40k. I am by no means a competitive player (in fact I’ve never played in a tournament before….ever). I play regularly with a small gaming group in which we constantly attempt to outdo each other’s lists each time we meet, this has led me to look for interesting and unusual tactics and lists that you wouldn’t see in a competitive environment. If you’re looking for win at all costs, tournament winning tactics and lists then this is not the blog for you.

That’s not to say I condemn those who attempt to win all there games in the most destructive, anal leakage inducing manner possible. I understand that, for certain people, that is the essence of the hobby it’s just that I prefer to play in a much more relaxed atmosphere with friends, beer and pretzels!

So each time I post a blog I will explain certain lists I played with or against and explain how/why they worked and if I would try them again. Ill also accept any suggestions from you guys and certain combinations you think I should try, or perhaps you would like to see tested before you play them yourself.

So I’ll leave my first blog post at this, apologies for it being so short but as I said this is just a small introduction that hopefully will make you want to read in the future. I’ll try and blog as often as I can, but occasionally things may get in the way (sadly real life is something we all must make room for)

See you soon guys


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