Showcase: Imperial Fist Space Marine Terminators.

Imperial Fist Terminators.

Hi guys, Another showcase for you, yet again this is some really old work, I actually think these are from 2007, not long after i got back into the hobby after a few years off.

I remember really struggling with painting the yellow on these, and looking back, I really think I shouldnt have decided to paint 10 at once! Maybe 5 would have been a better option...

I do however think the painting still holds up to an acceptable tabletop standard, maybe not display, but definately tabletop.

I think the best thing about these guys is the posing. i really tried my best to get the most dynamic pses i could with the linmited posing options out of the box (without converting)

Let me know what you think, how do you get more dynamics from your models?

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