Top 5: Space Marine HQ sculpts. (Not Including Forge World.)

Top 5: Space Marine HQ Sculpts.

 Hey people, hows your weekend going? I'm excited as i have a huge game of Talisman to play tonight, and i reckon its going to be Epic. I'm tempted to take some pictures of the occasion as its sure to be a blast.
Its a shame the city expansion wasnt released earlier so we could have used it. oh well!

Anyway, onto todays Top-5. Today we will have a look at my favorite Space Marine HQ sculpts (not forge world) These will probably be contested by you guys as everyone has rather string opinions on these matters!

On to the run down!

At 5, its The Dark Angel Chief Librarian Himself, Ezekiel.

I have liked this sculpt for years, it truly is a testament to its quality when after at least a decade i still hold it up there amongst the better sculpts.

At 4, its Korsarro Khan, Leader of the White Scars.

Hang on, the pose is almost similar to the guy above! maybe that is why i like it? The real reason i like it is the dynamism of it. its not a static arms out pose, its actually in a pose that you might see used by a space marine in combat!

At 3, Its The current Chapter Master of the Flesh Tearers, Gabriel Seth.

 Wow, another running with your sword out pose. maybe i just like this pose! I also think the Flesh Tearers colour scheme is rather awesome!

At 2, its the Space Marine Terminator chaplain.

I think people would find it hard to disagree with this one. its suitably badass. What i like is the way its sculpted to really look like a solid armour wearer marine. he looks VERY tough.

And number one on my list, Its Captain Lysander, First Captain of the Imperial Fists.

Why hasnt this fellow been promoted to chapter master over that old fuss pot Vladimir Pugh yet? Maybe he will get an awesome model himself. Even if he does he would be unlikely to top this beast.

I liked this model so much i used it in my Rainbow Warriors HQ model.

Thats it for this top 5, do you agree with the list? What do you think I have missed?

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