Star Wars Anime: Sadly Cancelled.

Sadly Cancelled Star Wars Anime

Hi guys, in my trawling around the internets, i found a small clip on Youtube that is a Star Wars based Anime.
Here are some pictures of it followed by the link to the actual clip.

Sadly there was only a minute or two's worth of footage, but what is there however looked very promising!
 Im not sure as to why this project was created, let alone cancelled and i hope someone learned might come along and tell me why!

The art style i think looks incredible and is 100 times more visually appealing than the nicklodeon clone wars style.

Also the actual Direction is rather good indeed, everything looks VERY dynamic and fluid. As Darth Vader himself would say..

"Impressive! Most Impressive!"

Disney, if you are reading then THIS is what we want to see.

Heres the clip itself:

What do you guys think of it? would you like to see more?

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