New X-Wing Board, Scenery Ideas and Purchases.

 New X-wing board Scenery project.

X-wings with their s-foils locked in attack po...
X-wings with their s-foils locked in attack position as they assault the Death Star in A New Hope (1997 Special Edition) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Hi guys, you probably saw my finished x-wing space board HERE but it looks a little plain.. what it really needs is some scenery.

In the basic core game box for X-Wing, you get some card cut out asteroids, which IMO dont cut it in a 3d miniatures game so what we need are 3d pieces!

Thus what i have done is purchased some interesting things, Heres what i picked up:

Lots of new stuff!
In this little lot is a few polystyrene balls to make asteroids and of course, The Death Star (obviously not in scale!) and a few asteroids (Theres some big balls not shown in the picture)
What i am looking forward to is making a wrecked YT-1300 out of the millenium falcon kit, this thing is ALMOST the same scale as X-wing. I think its at 1/230 and x-wing is 1/250.

I look forward to getting this going.

More photos as i get cracking!

Have you made any scenery for your X-Wing game yet?

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