Priming your minatures, save money and get better results.

Hi all, While building my Rainbow warriors captain lysander, i decided used a different method of priming. I used to spend a LOT of money on primer for my miniatures, either buying GW's chaos black/Skull white or Halfords grey primer.

These aerosols are not cheap at all. they also have the added drawback of smelling, and having to use them outside.

I am now going to show you how to save a ton of money and save you going outside risking life and limb in cold rainy weather!

First all you need is an airbrush. (if you do not have one i recommend one!) then a bottle of airbrush primer like this.

then all you do is paint it with the primer using your airbrush, getting results like so:

I'm really pleased with the results and all i used was a few ml of paint from the bottle! had i used spray primer i would have wasted LOADS. This has saved me a lot of money.

This pot costs around £2 and i'm sure will cover the same amount of minis as a £9 aerosol...

This works REALLY well when priming single miniatures, or small squads. if priming something huge, like a piece of terrain for example i would still go aerosol but for minis and tanks, i feel this is DEFINATELY more suitable.

You can even buy this primer in different colours from Vallejo stockists, and also in bigger pots, saving you EVEN MORE money per ml.

This is the way i'm going in future!

Adios spraying expensive aerosol cans in the wind in winter!

what do you use to prime your models? how does it go for you?

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