Star Wars X-Wing Miniatures Game, Hoth Battle Board Update

 X-Wing, Hoth Battle Board Update.

Hoth Hangar

Hi guys, i have been doing a little more work on my X-wing miniatures game Hoth Battle Board,

Unluckily for me i was trying to do this with a sore burn on my hand. Ouch!

Burnt Hand

So far all i had managed to do was find four boards to make a 3 foot by 3 foot square and then cover them in a little filler for texture.

Board ready for sanding and removal of sellotape

Well now the filler has dried and i can move on to the next stage.

All i had to do was peel of that sellotape i put round the edges of the boards and then sand the excess filler off.
Sellotape removed!

Luckily i had a big roll of 80 grit sandpaper laying around in the cupboard for the last 60 or so years and finally i get to use it!

Sandpaper, the bane of DIY

Snow dust all over the floor!

After sanding down the boards for what felt like an eternity, i am now ready to apply the Snow!

Boards all ready for the snow to be added

Have any of you guys played X-Wing yet? What do you think?

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