Top 5 things you can do if you cant get on with your hobbying!

 When you cant find time to do some modeling or painting or get over to your local game store for a small  game (or perhaps a league), you need to find yourself filling your hobby time with other "hobby related" things. None of them are very productive really but they all can be fun!

1. Checking your favorite 40k related websites
Even though you know they won't post anything for another day or so, you keep checking back just in case you missed something. You never know. my usual one for this is faeit 212.. gotta keep up on those rumours, or maybe even Warseer!

2. You link surf deeper and deeper
You start following links to places and things you would never normally check out. You might start out with something like "how to paint black" and the next thing you know, you're reading about the life expectancy of a South African sewer rat or the Angels from captain scarlet

3. You stalk the large forums
I know its a little light point 1, of course it only takes 15 seconds to catch up on what you missed since you last visited, but the next thing you know, you're giving someone advice about Warmachine (a shit game, just ask C swizzy from The Eternal Warriors podcast!) even though you've never actually played a game. Worse yet, you find yourself seriously weighing up the pros and cons of kitting out a space marine tactical squad with rebreathers in case they lose their helmets despite it not being an option in the codex.

4. You make lots of plans and scrap those for even crazier plans.
Even though you don't have the money or the time (though some of you might), you plan out your 21 thousand point Dalek counts as force that you're going to convert every model in. Then you write the list a few hundred times until you get it just right (then proceed to lose it) Once you have your list, you head over to Forge Word and plan out just how many items you're going to need first your first three Apocalypse force org charts.

5. You fanny around with your blog.
That sounds much filthier than it really is. You start looking around for ways to "improve" your site and the next thing you know, you're adding a live streaming naked lady cam to your site because it seems relevant to your GFenestealer hybrid army or at least it did last night (albeit, when you were drunk)

Hobby time is our great escape, enjoy it and use it however you want.
As for me, I've got some more Naked hot chicks webcams to watch, all for research for my Genestealer Hybrid army of course!

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